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During Legalweek 2023, there was a huge focus on AI.   We all know it stands for “Artificial Intelligence”, but in one of the sessions that I attended, one of the panelists reiterated that the Machines were not out to get us. The Terminators are not here. Rather, it is more like an Iron Man suit – “Augmented Intelligence”.  That analogy was just perfect. It is true we are in control of the machine when we start to look at how, when and where we apply various AI models and functions of the eDiscovery platforms that we all use.   Whether it be TAR – Technology Assisted Review; CAL – Continuous Active Learning; and the new AI Models and features – it really is us in the driver’s seat – “Human Powered AI”!

As we launch the Reveal 11 Platform for our clients, we are excited about stepping into the suit and enabling the various “out of the box” AI Models, and the refinement of the models based on our client/data specific needs. 

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