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(from Left to Right: Alex Antoniou Founder / CEO of FinsAttached, Karen Wessel CFO of NearZero Discovery and Richard Wessel President of NearZero Discovery)

This year, we went on another citizen science research trip with Fins Attached.  This trip took us to the Revillagigedo marine park containing the islands of San Benedicto, and Soccoro Island. Twenty-six hours out of Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  

One of the goals of this trip was to deploy the shark tags that we had sponsored in the fall of 2022. However, we were unable to because of delays in getting the required permits leading up to the trip.  Instead, we helped with some Oceanic Manta research.   Don’t worry, the shark tags will go to another project that Fins Attached is planning for Tiger Sharks!

We were joined by Madalena Cabral and Jane Vinesky who are studying mantas in Mexico. Madalena is focused on oceanic mantas and Jane is focused on a new species; Mexican Carribean Mantas. Both made presentations outlining their research and the recent papers that were published, along with the tools and methods that they use when gathering data about the mantas on trips like this one:

In addition to the amazing diving at San Benedicto, Soccoro and Roca Parotida, we checked the condition of the audio receivers that are located at the dive sites at approx. 80 to 100 feet depth. We were looking for the indicators to be flashing so we knew that they were still operational, and we checked the condition of the zip-ties that secure the receiver to the ropes that are floated from the rocks/reef where they are located.

In all, we had opportunity to dive a total of 20 dives (Karen did all 20, and I did 16). The marine life that we saw was amazing. Schools of tuna, jacks, yellow tails, hammer head sharks, white tip reef sharks, Galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks, turtles, mantas, moray eels, lobsters, and a baby whale shark!

We had a number of great discussions with the other team members that joined us, and other divers that had just signed up for a live-aboard-dive vacation that were on the chartered boat that we were on.

The team discussions were focused on learning more about the research and working with Fins Attached to continue its mandate to support change in governmental policies at both the individual country level (Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Canada, etc.) and global level (cities) where they want to help grow or establish new Marine Protected Areas through the research and data being gathered with other Scientific Non-Governmental Organizations…  and in doing so, protect the marine species as they traverse the ocean along their migratory paths, reducing the potential loss of these species to the fishing industries’ methods, and further understanding each species and its interactions within the marine environment.

As I learned on our Trip in 2019 to Cocos IslandSave Sharks + Save Oceans = Save Humanity.   

I would like to encourage you to take a look at what Fins Attached and Pelagios Kakunja are doing. You can follow their research directly on their websites and social media channels:

Fins Attached





Pelagios Kakunja





Madalena Cabral – Read more.

instagram: @manta__lena

Jane Vineskey – Read more.

And of course, we will be continuing to support Fins Attached going forward so please also check out their website and social media channels for more information on their activities.

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