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At NearZero Discovery, in March 2023, we moved to Reveal because of the Artificial Intelligence Components the platform provides after observing the needs of our clients. So far, we have been able to leverage some of these additional AI features for our clients, which will only improve over time. For example, we found that the more we use Reveal 11, the better it gets at helping us get relevant results and documents; this was not a benefit we experienced with our previous tools. The System continues to learn as you work in it. As we continue to use this as one of our tools, this will benefit our clients because it will save them time in accomplishing their project tasks.

In the early stages, we have also had clients provide statements that they find the System easier to locate and are presented with more relevant documents the more they use it. We have also found it illuminating to use some of Reveal’s added Emotional Intelligence components. We wrote in detail about Reveal’s Emotional Intelligence in a pervious post entitled Embracing AI in the Reveal Platform: Emotional Intelligence. Please refer to that post for more details. In brief, according to Reveal, Emotional Intelligence “detects seven types of sentiment expressed in text and scores those sentiments on a scale from 0 (neutral) to 10 (highest).”

In the short time we have been using the product, it has proven helpful in finding documents that convey negativity and putting these together in a data set for review.

The System also includes other models that could prove vital to your project needs. Some of these models include identifying:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexually Explicit Comments
  • Contracts
  • Sports conversations
  • Threatening Behavior

According to Reveal, the Threatening Behavior model, for instance, “Identifies communications with offensive language and strong intent to inflict physical or mental harm to someone else.” It is safe to see how these models and the System can impact the time it takes to do projects and accomplish tasks involving these issues.

If you are looking for a product that leverages advancements in Artificial Intelligence to better, you’re searching and understanding of the data in your projects, then using our services with Reveal would be a great place to start.

However, with recent acquisitions, our service offerings are even more appealing. On August 29, 2023, Reveal announced that it acquired two other electronic discovery companies, Logikcull and iPro. These acquisitions means that Reveal will now have a more excellent suite of tools that we can offer our end clients to ensure that they reach their eDiscovery goals. The announcement stated that “the combination will integrate Logikcull and iPro’s unique capabilities with Reveals proven AI prowess to create an all-in-one hub of e-discovery tools for matters of any size and scope.”. The final details are still being worked out, but this is extremely exciting news for us at Near Zero as we would be able to expand our capabilities through Reveal’s new “hub.” The new hub will undoubtedly increase the range of choices available to our clients.

So far, using Reveal, we’ve found that the most crucial element is the continued need for human intervention and training. While the Artificial and Emotional Intelligence features are great, there is still a need for human setup and training of these tools and models for them to be most effective. Most of the predictors and models only improve with human input and training; this is where the team at NearZero Discovery comes in. We have significant experience in eDiscovery and have been improving our workflow with these tools. Given the recent news, we want to reiterate that for potential and current clients reading this blog, rest assured that we will continue to work diligently on your matters as we have. We will continue combining technology with our hands-on approach to working through your requests.


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