The old Battleshiap game - similar to the process of data identification and collection. Check out REW Computing's eDiscovery Services page to see how we can assist you. For additional support REW Computing also offers services in project management and IBM Lotus Notes for the area of Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.
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I wonder if the same could be said of the processes involved in Data Identification and Collection?

We start with a Data Map (the Co-ordinate Grid) and Data (the Ships). We then strategically ask questions and wait for a response as to whether or not the data has been located (a “Hit” or a “Miss”).  Let’s use Email as an example:

  1. Where does the Production Email Data sit, and who do you contact?
  2. Is there any Archived Email Data that does NOT sit on the same systems as the Production Data, and who do you contact?
  3. Are there any Backups that may exist for this Email data, and who do you contact?
  4. What is the Retention Policy for Documents, and for the Backups, and who do you contact?
  5. Is the data source relevant to the Matter at hand, and does it have custodian data that needs to be collected, and who do you contact?

When these five questions have been answered, they will give you an understanding of where the data is, and whether or not it needs to be collected. You can then give direction to your team as to who they need to collect the data from based on the contact information that you have also gathered.
So, how many data sources (ships) are out there that we should be considering?

  • Email
  • Personal Network File Shares (aka home or personal drives on File Servers)
  • Shared Network File Shares (aka department or work group drives on File Servers)
  • Custodian’s Local Hard Drive, Mobile Devices, USB Media, etc (a Custodian Survey may need to be used for this activity)
  • Document Management Systems
  • Archiving Solutions for Email or File Servers
  • Applications (both Custom Developed and Out of the Box Applications)

While all of these data sources will have variations that are specific to the client, the same questions can still be asked of each one of them.

Originally written for Commonwealth Legal, A Division of Ricoh Canada.