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Reveal has an artificial intelligence powered feature that enables you to expedite the analysis and search of sentiment-based content. Emotional Intelligence (also known as “Sentiment”) uses natural language processing enhanced with Reveal analytics to assess and score the content of a message. Documents are scored on a scale of 0-10 (0 = neutral, 1 = lowest, 10 = highest) for Negativity or Positivity. 

Emotional Intelligence

This graph above sets out shaded bars of Negativity and Positivity for each category of sentiment in the currently retrieved document set. The shadings, which may be selected with a click to serve as a filter, represent for each emotional category: 

  • Unscored (palest) – documents such as images which offer no text for analysis and scoring.
  • Neutral (0) – documents which are neither positive nor negative, such as numerical spreadsheets or programming code or bland correspondence.
  • Low (1 – 3) – documents scored for mild negativity or positivity.
  • Medium (4 – 6) – documents scored for moderate negativity or positivity.
  • High (7 – 10) – documents scored for high negativity or positivity.

Clicking on any section will add a pill to the search box to serve as a filter, retrieving only documents in the current set scored within the selected range.

How to Search on Emotional Intelligence

Open the Advanced Search and under Add Condition, select Emotional Intelligence. You can choose Negativity or Positivity.

If you select Positivity, it opens a window to set the score range by using the slider. You can also select neutral documents by setting both values or slider to 0.

Note: The No Score checkbox is for Unscored documents.

You can click add to search to add these conditions to the search:

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