Welcome to our final focused article in this series on our FAST & SECURE© approach. 

Find, Assess, Share, and Trust the data through a Specifically Engineered process for Client-focused Usability, Reliability and Enforcement. 

We will be looking at Enforced, and how it fits into our approach to eDiscovery. According to the Webster Dictionary, Enforce can be defined as: 

1: To give force to: Strengthen 

2: To urge with energy: enforce arguments 

3: Constrain, Compellent: force obedience 

4: Obsolete: to effect or gain by force 

5: To carry out effectively: enforce laws 

As we consider all our processes and procedures, we have already touched on the importance of audits to ensure that team members follow the correct procedure. We also touched on the need to have an attitude of Continuous Improvement to ensure the processes and procedures are current and up to date to meet the various requirements clients are asking us to meet. (check out: https://rewcomputing.com/fast-and-secure-approach-defensible/ ) 

It is through these functions of auditability and continuous improvement that we provide the foundations to strengthening them. Here are some other things that we do:  

  1. Industry Training and Certification (previously mentioned in this series and in separate blog articles: https://rewcomputing.com/certifications-why/ ) 
  1. Industry Research / Benchmarking: working to keep current on new topics through industry experts and vendor publications and conducting our own information gathering at various events we take part in or that we discuss directly with our clients. This is also done through responding to RFPs, addressing Client requirements before, during and post project execution. 
  1. Industry Standards (previously mentioned in a separate blog article: https://rewcomputing.com/global-standards/ )  
  1. Working with our platform vendors to ensure features and functionality are meeting our client’s needs and our own administrative functionality through regular communication and attendance at their, and other vendor, events. 
  1. Working with other strategic partners to ensure that together we meet the needs of our clients. We also seek to ensure that our responsibilities are properly integrated into the processes we execute. 

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