Welcome to our fifth focused article on our FAST & SECURE© approach.  

Find, Assess, Share, and Trust the data through a Specifically Engineered process for Client-focused Usability, Reliability and Enforcement. 

In today’s blog we will be looking at the term Reliable, and how it fits into our approach to eDiscovery. According to the Webster Dictionary, Reliable is Defined as:  

1: Suitable or fit to be relied on: Dependable 

2: Giving the same result on successive trials 

And further, rely on/upon can be defined as:  

1: To need (someone or something) for support, help, etc.: to depend on (someone or something)  

2: To trust or believe (someone or something) She’s someone you can rely on  

3: To expect (something) with confidence: to be certain that (something) will happen or exist  

As we think about being Reliable, there are several aspects that can come to mind. Everything from processes, procedures and the technologies we incorporate ( Fast and Secure© Approach: Defensible – NearZero Discovery (rewcomputing.com) ), to how we as a team work together to meet the project objectives as vendors, consultants, employees and employers. 

As it relates to reliability, here are 5C’s to consider:  

Commitment  What does it mean to be committed to a project or a team? Individually it can be how we manage our Time, Execution, and Availability. As team members we would look to others for these same qualities but measure them based on how we see them perform. For example, prepare for and complete tasks; being on time and their availability to respond to urgent requests.  

Capability – When looking at the team’s composition, we want to consider members’ experience, education, and certifications

Communication  When it comes to communication it needs to be clear, concise, accurate, truthful, timely, regular, and respectful. This is true regardless of platform – meetings (in-person or virtual), phone calls, emails, or even physical paper documents. Without this consideration a misinterpretation can take a project that was originally on track and cause it to become derailed. 

Core Values Who you are as an individual – your character, belief system, morals, and ethics –can shape and impact your work and your ability to work with others. As a company there may be core business values employees may also need to integrate into their handling of a project. Understanding these helps all team members to collaborate and work together for the good of the project. 

Consistency – As an individual your own approach to commitment and your capabilities are evidence of your consistency in your work. From a Process and Procedures perspective, the documentation, and its successful auditing is the proof that your methods are being consistently followed. From a technological perspective, the tools we choose to use are tried and true. They are accepted within the specific verticals that they were designed for. The vendor of the software / tools being used should also be committed to excellence and continued support of their product.  

Reliability impacts how everyone views us as individuals, as partners, as vendors, and as consultants. It can be boiled down to a few words: “Do what you say, say what you do.” If everyone sees you doing that, they are going to be able to trust and build their reliance on you because they know what you are going to do for them. They will be assured that you are going to be their reliable resource that can be called on when needed. At Near Zero we strive to ensure we are as reliable as possible by always doing what we promise and letting our clients know if we are unable to. 

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