Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - Advanced Tag Options

While applying tags in the VenioOne Platform users have access to advanced tagging options, determining how tags are applied within a case.

One available option relates to the handling of duplicate documents. Users can specify whether to tag duplicates or not. When choosing to tag duplicates uses can choose to either tag documents across the whole case, or just within the selected media scope.

Tags can also be propagated to an entire document family. For instance, if the document being tagged is an attachment, it’s parent email and any other attachments would also be tagged. This is done at a case level, so other documents in the family do not need to be within the selected media scope or search results list. Similarly, propagation can be done for an entire email thread within a case, regardless of the media scope or document list being viewed.

By default, when a new case is created tag propagation is off. As system administrators, our team can modify the default tag options used for a case to suite a client’s needs. Once default propagation settings are established users can apply tags without having to turn propagation on each time. If needed, users can override default propagation settings for a single tagging instance, before a tag is applied. Access to advanced tag options is optional and can be controlled for different user groups depending on a client’s preference.

For more details on tagging in the VenioOne Platform check out our recent posts about applying tags and creating tags and tag groups.

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