Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - Creating Tags & Tag Groups

When a new project is created in the VenioOne eDiscovery Platform four default tags are created: Responsive, Non-Responsive, Privileged, Confidential. All tags within the platform must be contained within a tag group so a default System Tags group is also created. Users can make use of these pre-existing options or effortlessly create and manage their own tags and tag groups.

Both the VenioOne Web and OnDemand consoles provide tag management options.

To create a tag group, users simply need to provide a group name. An option is also available to make the tags within that group mutually exclusive. The creation of an individual tag is also quite easy, requiring users to only enter a tag name and select a group. During tag creation a tag description can also be added, although it is not mandatory. Another optional setting is provided to allow a new tag to be added as a child to any existing tag.

Once a tag is created users can go back and edit its name or modify its description. An existing tag can also be moved to a different tag group, be made into a child of another tag, or can be deleted.

While tag management options are available to users, our team can support clients by creating tags and tag groups as well. We have also saved clients a considerable amount of time by bulk adding tags, importing necessary information in a list format. Thus, preventing someone from having to manually add multiple tags, one at a time.

The ability to create, modify or delete tags and tag groups depends on the rights associated with a user’s account. For instance, some of our clients limit tag management to their client admin accounts and only allow other users to tag or untag documents. The customization of tag management options allow these settings to be tailored to meet a client’s workflow.

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