Feature Friday: Custodian Media Information Report

The VenioOne eDiscovery Platform provides different options for accessing information about the media loaded into a case.

The Web Console’s Project Launchpad displays media names, processing statuses, processed dates and the custodian the media belongs to. For OnDemand/self-service users, information such as media name, it’s custodian and a document count can be found in the Analysis module. Since both features are also used to display other case information, there are limits to how many media details can be shown.

When clients need more comprehensive information about the media within a case, they can access the Custodian Media Information report.

Information available in this report includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Custodian name
  • Media name
  • Drill level used or to be used for extracting documents from the media
  • Size of the media that was added to the case. This is the size of the container file, for instance a ZIP or PST file.
  • Size of the media and its contents once individual documents have been extracted during processing
  • Statuses associated with data scanning and processing
  • Document count identifying the number of individual files extracted from each media

The Custodian Media Information report can be viewed within both the VenioOne Web and OnDemand interfaces. It can also be printed or exported as a PDF, CSV, text, image or in Excel format.

These different sources of media details provide users with a way to locate information in a format and to a level that best suits their needs.

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