Feature Friday: VenioOne Web Console - Document Folders

The VenioOne Web Console, available with our managed eDiscovery services, allows for the creation of document folders. Like tagging, folders provide another method of isolating documents for further review and searching. Users can run searches against a specific folder to receive search hits from only that set of documents.

Users can easily create new folders while viewing the search results window. Documents can be sent to a folder individually or in bulk. When any documents are added to a folder a confirmation popup appears indicating how many documents were sent to the specified folder. The confirmation also indicates if any documents were not added to the folder. If documents are already found within the specified folder they will not be added again.

Once documents are sent to a folder they can easily be removed. Folders themselves can easily be deleted when no longer needed. The ability to create, delete and send or remove documents from a folder are all separate rights that can be given to a user. For example, users can be allowed to send documents to a folder but not to create their own folders.

In addition to isolating documents for future review, folders are used to support the VenioOne Web Console’s document restriction options. Watch for our upcoming post covering restrictions to learn more about the process and how it has benefited our clients.

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