Feature Friday: VenioOne Web Console - Document Restriction

Document restriction allows clients to limit a user’s access to certain data within a case. This feature, available with the VenioOne Web Console*, has been used by our clients when having increased security and separation of documents was critical to their case. For example, the nature of one client’s matter required that different people individually look through separate sets of documents. These users were not to have access to anything else within the project, other than their designated set of data.
*Document restriction is currently not available on any cases created through the VenioOne OnDemand Platform.

How is document restriction done?

Users of the VenioOne Platform are each assigned to a user group. Document restrictions are applied to an entire user group, so any users within it become restricted. In the case mentioned above, we set up different user groups to suit the client’s needs and desired limitations of each user.

Document restriction itself is done at either a folder or media level.

At a folder level, individual documents from different media, search results, etc. can be added to a document folder within the VenioOne Web Console. To set up restrictions by folder a user can specify which folder(s) a user group can access. Once restrictions are in place, anyone within that user group will only have access to the specified folders.

At a media level, one or more entire pieces of media can be selected, for example an entire PST file that was loaded into the system. Users limited with media level restriction can only see documents that were processed as part of the specified media.

Our support team can assist with the setup of document restrictions. Additionally, a client administrator could be given access to manage restrictions for their own project.

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