Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - Email Domain Reports

Email domain analysis is the process of looking at the domains from which email has been sent to or received from. This process can be used to help differentiate between relevant and irrelevant data. For instance, being able to exclude email received from a news site could help to prevent false search hits.

As another example, we assisted in a case where a person left their job to work for a different company. The previous employer was concerned that this ex-employee shared or took information with them. Using domain analysis, we helped to identify what information the ex-employee sent to their personal email account leading up to their departure. By searching for the domain of the person’s new employer we also determined what data was sent to the other company.

Email domain information is extracted from email processed in the VenioOne Platform. The information is stored in a metadata field and can be accessed in different ways throughout the platform:

Users can run a search against the field, if a specific domain is known.

The Project Dashboard, available in the VenioOne Web Console, displays the top ten domains found within the project. From this dashboard users also have the option to view the full domain list and export it in CSV format. Similarly, domain information can be viewed in the Analyze section of the VenioOne OnDemand interface.

Complete domain summaries are also available in a Reports section and can be generated at a case or custodian level. An example of a project level domain report can be seen below.

Domain Project Summary Report

Regardless of how clients approach their data, email domain information is accessible to help users understand and locate data in their case. If you are interested in learning more about how email analysis can benefit an eDiscovery matter watch our Advanced Email Analytics webinar here.

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