Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - File Type Platforms

The VenioOne Platform provides several different ways to learn more about the data within a case. For instance there are widgets and a dashboard. Those types of features provide high level information, showing only file types and counts. When more in-depth information is required, users can access the File Type Summary report.

The File Type Summary report is available in both the VenioOne OnDemand and Web Console interfaces. Users have the option of viewing the report within the VenioOne Platform or exporting and saving it for future reference. When exporting the report, users can decide on a report format that best suites their needs, selecting from options that include CSV and PDF format.

The report can be run at a project level, summarizing data across the entire project. It can also be run at a custodian level, looking specifically at what was collected for the selected person.

The File Type Summary, pictured below, provides a breakdown of each file type with file counts and sizes. Information is also shown for duplicate documents present within the data.  

List View

This report is a great resource for users who want to quickly and easily see what types of documents were collected and processed for a case.

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