Feature Friday: VenioOne OnDemand - Notification Centre

Easily get case updates using the Notification Centre available in the VenioOne OnDemand interface. This feature is easily found near the top right of the web page and is available throughout all sections of the OnDemand interface.

By clicking on the notification icon, a drop down appears showing the most recent updates. This allows users to get caught up without leaving the page they are currently on. An option is also provided to view all previous/older notifications, taking the user to a dedicated notification page.

What types of notifications are shown? Users can see when:

  • A case was created. A link is provided to easily access the data load screen for that project.
  • Data started processing. A link is provided to view the processing status.
  • Data completed processing. A link is provided to jump into the Analyze module, to view information about the processed data.
  • A production was started. A link is provided to view the production status.
  • A production was completed. A link is provided taking users to a page where they can download, view or delete the production set.

The Notification Centre provides updates for all cases that a user has access to, providing a convenient and easy way to keep up to date.

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