The VenioOne OnDemand interface is a great choice for clients looking to take control of their eDiscovery cases. As mentioned earlier in this blog series, OnDemand allows clients to create casesload dataexport productions, and more. Being able to handle data related tasks is not the only benefit of self-service eDiscovery. Users also have control over some administrative related settings. 

Some of these settings focus on the notifications sent from the VenioOne system. Users can get updates related to data processing, production exports and uploads, to name a few. In total, there are 15 different notifications to enable or disable. These choices are specific to a user’s account and are accessible within the OnDemand interface. So, each user can opt into as many or as few updates as desired, and change their selection whenever needed.  

OnDemand users can also specify a preference about where to receive updates. The VenioOne system sends updates via email, which is helpful to users that want to leave the webpage while a process is running. Updates are also posted in the OnDemand interface, through the Notification Centre. This online option may be more convenient for users that continue to work on a case after initiating a process. Notifications can come through either, or both, of these methods. 

Notification management is not the only administrative area available in the OnDemand interface. Over the next few weeks, we will post about other settings that can be user managed with self-service eDiscovery. 

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