As you take control of your eDiscovery, you need the ability to also manage users and the rights that they have within the VenioOne On-Demand platform.   When we first set up your accounts, we will assign a Global Administrator who will be able to manage access to all the cases that you or your team members will create.

With the Global Administrator Role, you can add users from the Administration Menu by completing some basic information and assigning the new user the cases that you want them to have access to and what role within the case that you would like them to have. 

The available User Roles are:

  • Global Admin has all permissions.
  • Expert User has permission to upload, analyze, review, produce, view cases, share documents, manage tags and project settings.
  • Project Admin has all permissions, except viewing shared documents and usage report.
  • User has permission to review and analyze.
  • Reviewer has permission to review and analyze.
  • Data Uploader has permission to upload data only.

In addition to these roles, there are user permissions that can be adjusted by our administrators to provide additional functionality to these roles.

The available Role Permissions are:

  • Allow to change password from web
  • Allow to access administrative mode
  • Allow to add/edit the database server configuration
  • Allow to add/edit the email alert configuration
  • Allow to add/edit the search server configuration
  • Allow to add/edit the shared file configuration
  • Allow to assign dedicated servers
  • Allow to attach/detach NSRL database
  • Allow to backup and restore project
  • Allow to change job priority
  • Allow to change the role and rights of a user
  • Allow to configure distributed server license management
  • Allow to configure OCR service manager configuration
  • Allow to create and edit export template
  • Allow to create and edit project template
  • Allow to create edit export field template
  • Allow to create new client
  • Allow to create new project
  • Allow to create new user
  • Allow to create/edit import template
  • Allow to deactivate user
  • Allow to edit client
  • Allow to edit user information
  • Allow to generate license file
  • Allow to lock user
  • Allow to manage distributed service
  • Allow to manage global fields
  • Allow to manage group role right
  • Allow to manage login settings
  • Allow to manage notification for the user

Although we can adjust these, we have found that simply granting the team member the next Role up or down meets our client’s needs.

As you work with your projects, you can change your team members access in the various projects so that they only have access to the projects and the permissions within the projects that they need to have.  

Remember that you have the ability to Share Documents and Invite People to Upload as well. With these features, an account does not need to be created. They will receive links and require codes to be able to access documents or upload data for processing.

More about these two features are coming in another #FeatureFriday post!

Would you like to learn more about our services? Email [email protected] or call 289-803-9730. We’d be happy to share more details about our self-service or fully managed eDiscovery services!