Feature Friday: VenioOne OnDemand Data Analysis

The VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) platform we use provides clients with an analysis dashboard for each case they may have.

The Analyze dashboard is populated with charts and tables known as widgets. These widgets show information extracted from the case such as timelines, file types and email domains.

The dashboard is populated with a default set of widgets and is customizable. Users can close unwanted widgets, create new widgets based on several metadata fields, and rearrange the widget order. Custom widget layouts can also be created and saved for use in any of the user’s projects.

Most widgets are interactive. For example, users can select a graph segment and apply a filter to view a specific set of documents. Searching can also be done from within the dashboard, allowing for further refinement of the data.

When a filter is applied, or a search is run, the entire Analyze dashboard refreshes to reflect the new criteria. Tagging can also be done on the refined data, so that it can be recalled later for further review. Users also have the option to send a data set into a review module for a more detailed review, or they can send the data set straight to the production module for exporting.

Watch the video below to see this dashboard in action!

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