Feature Friday: VenioOne OnDemand Data Loading

By offering the VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) platform we can allow clients to take more control over their own cases. One aspect of this is data loading. Since VOD is web based, clients can load data into a project wherever and whenever they need to.

VOD provides an easy to use interface, allowing users to simply drag and drop a file to add it to a project. In addition to drag and drop, users can also browse to a folder location, select a file and add it to the project. Files loaded through VOD must be in a container format, e.g. PST, NSF, Zip, etc.

After selecting a file, the user just needs to enter a custodian name and then they are ready to queue the document for uploading and processing. As the data is uploading and processing users can view the status in real time. They can also receive progress updates via email notifications. Once the data has been processed it immediately becomes accessible in the client’s project.

Watch the video below to see this feature in action!

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