VenioOne OnDemand: Production

VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) allows our clients to export their own production sets, whenever they need to!

As part of the initial VOD setup we create a production template based on our client’s needs. Whenever a production is done the system calls upon that template to fill in most of the required settings. The user just needs to enter some details specific to their production, such as:

  • Production name
  • Data source for the production (e.g. media name or tag)
  • Bates number structure
  • Production metadata fields – The VenioOne system has some default templates, but we can create additional templates for clients. Users can also create new field templates on the fly.
  • Document handling of families, natives, full text, images and tiff handling as well as slip sheet text
  • Document exclusion (e.g. exclude previously produced documents)
  • Data and image load file formats
  • Endorsement options, such as bates stamping

Once a production is queued users can check its status through the VOD interface. An email is sent to users once a production export is complete.

A Production Status window maintains a list of all productions, complete or in progress, for the project. Production sets can be downloaded or deleted from this window. As an added convenience, users can choose to view the specific documents that were included in a production. There is also a share option, allowing users to easily send production download links to internal or external contacts.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the production module!

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