VenioOne OnDemand: Review

We’ve previously shared how using VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) allows users to create cases, load their own data, and use an analytical dashboard to explore data. In this post we’ll look at the Review module of the VOD interface, used for doing a more in-depth review of documents.

Features of the Review module include:

Searching: Users have the option to run a simple keyword search or to construct more complex searches. A list of metadata fields is available to query against and to help build longer search strings.

Tagging: A dedicated tagging panel lists project tags and allows for tags to be added or removed from documents. This panel also provides the user with tag management options. New tags and tag groups can be created, and advanced tagging options can be selected.

Document Table: The center of the screen consists of a document table, showing document metadata in various columns. The table can be customized so that users can add or remove columns as needed and can be exported to a CSV. Documents can also be shared with external subject experts for further collaboration.

Document Viewer: A document viewer panel displays documents in FullText, Near Native or TIFF formats. This panel can be popped out for easier viewing, or to be moved to a second monitor.

There are also panels showing document metadata, parent/child, email threading and duplicate details as well as document notes.

Watch the video below to see this module in action!

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