Feature Friday: Printing to PDF

Whether your organization deals with internal investigations or matters resulting in productions to opposing counsel, a situation may arise when documents are needed without creating a formal production set. Fortunately, exporting a production is not the only way to extract documents from an eDiscovery platform. Through VenioOne Web users can print documents to PDF.

When printing to PDF, the VenioOne Platform uses generated TIFF images of the selected documents. Depending on the work that’s been done on a case, there could be different TIFF versions available – the original and any produced versions. Users are given a choice of which TIFF version to use when printing, as well as whether to print with or without redaction.

An endorsement can be added to the header or footer of each printed page. The option is given to select from a few default endorsement values, such as file ID, but custom text can be entered instead. A customizable watermark can also be overlaid across each page.

Users can set their preference as to how separate documents should be handled when printed. An individual PDF can be created for each document, or all selected documents can be combined into a single PDF. This can be useful if printing a family of documents, for instance an email and its attachments. The document family can be printed as one PDF, to maintain their relationship.

There is also an opportunity to generate slipsheets, should one of the selected documents not have a TIFF image. For example, if the document family being printed contained a video, a slipsheet can be put in its place.

After initiating the print job, the user has access to a status window to check the progress. When the print job is complete a download link is provided in the status window.

VenioOne Web users can use as many or as few of these print options as they require. It is features such as these that make the VenioOne Platform useful for different types of workflows. If you’d like more details about how use of this platform can benefit your organization, email us at [email protected] or call 289-803-9730. We’d be happy to share more information!