Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - Search History & Saved Searches

Records of previous searching can help users to save time when exploring data within an eDiscovery case. For instance, this information allows clients to re-run complex searches without having to re-construct a search string from scratch. It can also serve as a reference if a user wants to confirm the search criteria and settings that they previously used.

The VenioOne Platform provides a detailed account of search activity, providing various fields of information related to each search. These fields include details such as:

  • Search Name, if the user selected to save the search
  • Search expression, the exact search string used to execute the search
  • Date and time of the search
  • Number of search results

Searches can be re-run from a Search History list using two search scope options. One option recalls the original search scope, which will re-run the search as it was initially executed. The other option allows the search to be run on the current scope, looking at whatever media the user has selected at that time. As mentioned above, users can also opt to save a search allowing them to give the search a name.

Why save searches if they’re already recorded in the history? Search strings can become quite complex. Once keywords, tags, field search criteria and more are combined it may not be easy to quickly decipher what a previous search was used for. There may also be a considerable amount of time between when a search was initially run and when it is needed again. Instead of having to work out the logic of a search string if users give a search a name they can effortlessly recall what the purpose of that search was.

Having access to search history also helps our team to support users when a question arises about a search they’ve run. For instance, we had a user run a search and receive a different result count than they expected. By looking up the search settings used we were able to explain the result count based on the deduplication option the user selected for the search.

Although the VenioOne Web Console and VenioOne OnDemand interfaces provide slightly different functionality, they both offer the search history and saved search features.

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