In last week’s #FeatureFriday we mentioned that you had the “ability to Share Documents and Invite People to Upload”.  And that one of the interesting items about these features is that an account does not need to be created. They will receive links and require codes when they actually click on the links to perform the actions.

Upload Invitation

You can send invitations to other users to allow them to upload files using the Invite button by selecting the case and then clicking the Invite button.

The Invite to Upload dialog will display. You can select internal users to be invited and if needed, check the Invite External users to upload link and enter the email addresses of the external users to be invited. You can enter instruction notes to the user in the Instruction field. The default Link Expired time is 7 days, but you can change it. Once you are satisfied you can send the invitation.

The individual you have invited to upload will then receive an email similar to this one…

When they click to upload data, they will receive an email with a passcode for them to use, and then they will be able to upload the data following the steps that we had previously outlined here.

Sharing Documents

 VOD allows you to share documents with internal or external parties. You may control the level of access they have and set an expiration date for the shared link. For security purposes, all activities are tracked in the VenioOne database.

To share the document internally, click the Share button and the Document Share dialog will display. You can select the internal recipients that you want to share with. You can choose either Full Rights or Read Only for the permission level. Please note that Admin and Expert users will always have read/write permissions.

For external sharing, select the Share document to external users check box and choose or add the email addresses of any external recipients. You can enter any instructions or notes to be shared when sharing documents. You can also click Advanced Options and enter a Share Name and Link Expired time. It is optional to have recipients allowed to add document notes.

The Invited person will receive an email with a link (similar to the Upload one above), that once clicked on will provide them access to the documents in the review mode as shown here.

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