When users login to the VenioOne Web Console, they can configure certain settings to match their specific needs and preferences within the VenioOne Web Interface.

For Example, when looking at the Project List, if you were to select the User Setting Icon (located in the top right corner), you will be able to choose the Default Landing Page when a project is opened.

  The Project Launchpad:

The Dashboard:

The Search Interface:

The Analytics Interface:

By selecting this option, you can go into the data in a way that makes most sense for you!

As you work within the VenioOne Web Console, there are other User Settings that can be configured for the Search interface.  You will see that the icon in the top right corner will change to a gear…

This allows you to then set the preferences for how the Search Interface will be displayed.

The Key preferences that most users look at are the Result View and Search Field Display Settings.

The Results View lets you choose the default layout when the results are displayed. The most common view used by our user community is the LIST View.

The Summary View lets you see multiple search results with a summary showing certain fields.

List View – You will see search results in a list and the fields will be in columns. The document viewer is shown in the bottom panel and the tagging and coding panel is accessible in the right panel.

Detail View – You will see one document at a time with metadata details displayed, The document viewer is shown in the bottom panel and the tagging and coding panel in the right panel.

The Search Field Display settings lets you change the columns that are displayed and how they are ordered.

You can select/deselect the column name to add or remove it from the views. Changing the order by dragging and dropping the column names into the position that you want will allow you to then see the meta data in the order that works best for you.

If a metadata field is not listed, you can reach out to our administration team, and we can add the field and make it available for you to use.

Through these user configuration settings, users can take more control of how they work within the VenioOne Web Console.

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