For a successful login into the MS Team chat, preconfigure a few basic settings.

For configuring Hosted URL: Hosted URL must have “https” otherwise the user may cannot see the login screen through which the user can upload MS Team Chat data.

Create a new application in Microsoft Azure and then proceed with generating the application Id or client Id. This ID needs to be updated in the Auth client ID in the control setting.

For you to access MS Team chat, you must have an account for MS Team. 

Add new user in existing domain 

1. Open and login with admin account. 

2. Click on Admin on left panel. It opens new admin page. 

3. In User Management section, click on add user

4. Enter the basic information.  

5. Assign product license to a user. 

6. In Optional settings, select Admin Centre Access for admin account (Recommended) and choose User for normal account. 

Once user is created, the user can login to MS Team chat data upload. 

 7. Login to VOD and click the MS Team Chat icon to upload MS Team Chat data.  

8. For project using Fallback ingestion engine, MS Team Chat data upload and processing options are available. 

9. Click on the icon. You are directed to MS Team Chat login on the fly. Upon successful login, list of the Team and channel is listed.  

Note: Clear the cache if the Login page does not open 

10. Expand the Team by clicking the corresponding icon to the left. The channel of the team is displayed. 

11.Select the channel and click Add

12. It will be listed in the list for processing. Click Upload & Process. The file will be uploaded and processed in the provided project location.  

13. In review page, the MS Team Chat content is displayed as shown: 

14. Help literals is displayed in the data upload which explains the media, custodian, and other basics for MS Team chat processing.  

15. The conversation of the data processed with MS Team chat is stored in the Team and Channel column. These columns are searchable/indexable. 

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