Feature Friday: VenioOne - Email Timelines

Depending on the type of eDiscovery matter it can be useful to know what date range is covered by the email within a case. Date ranges help to determine if collected email is relevant to the case’s time period, or if gaps exist in data from a specific source.

TIP: To better assess gaps, develop a benchmark based on various criteria such as the custodian’s role, matter details and additional data availability. To learn more about the benefits of email analysis watch our Advanced Email Analytics webinar.

Email date ranges are available in both the VenioOne Web and VenioOne OnDemand consoles. (See below for console specific information.) In both consoles, date range information is displayed in a graphical timeline allowing users to easily see how document counts from different times compare. Also, both consoles provide email time gap data as an exportable report, at a media and custodian level.

VenioOne Web Console Timeline (Available with our managed eDisocvery services)

The timeline seen below is a permanent section of the VenioOne Web Console Analytics section.

Options to scale the timeline by year, month, week or day are available at the bottom left of the graph. At the bottom right, users can apply date ranges to look at key sections of time, which is useful when data spans a considerable period.  

This timeline also provides the option to tag or untag a set of data for further review. Simply right click on a segment to access tag options for those documents.

Tagging Menu

VenioOne OnDemand Console Timeline (Available with our self-service eDiscovery services)

The timeline pictured below is an optional widget in the VenioOne OnDemand Analyze section.

This timeline is made up of two sections:

  1. This graph changes to display applied date ranges. The scale of this section is dynamic, adjusting to better suite the selected date range.
  2. This section continually displays the overall date range of the data within the project. Users can drag the grey handles in this section to select a specific area of time, which will cause section 1 to refresh.
VenioOne OnDemand Timeline

Email and eDoc counts are provided with this timeline and are also updated to reflect the selected date range.

Hovering over a graph segment in this timeline shows the email/attachment count for that specific date.

VOD Timeline Hover

If you’d like to learn more about our fully managed eDiscovery services, or the self-service option we offer, email us at [email protected].