While Venio On Demand (VOD) and Venio On Web (VOW) differ slightly in various area you will see throughout. One area of this is changing your password. While they both have different steps, they are fairly straight forward in the process.


Enter your user name then click the Forgot Password link.

An icon will then pop up asking you to check your email.

Once you are in your email inbox, should see an email from Venio. Click on it and you should see the area to click in order to change your password.

Enter a valid password in both fields and then click the Change Password button.

You will receive an email confirming a successful password reset. In that same email, click the link to access the VOD login page.

There you now can login to your account with the updated password.


Click the change password icon in the topmost right corner of the page.

The Change Password dialog will be displayed. There you will enter the old password along with the new one and re-enter the new password as confirmation. Once you have filled it all in correctly, click Apply.

The new password will be set, and you can login with this new credential.

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