Today we are continuing to look at the Tag Features in the VenioOne platform and how we can apply security to them.  Check out our previous blogs about tags: Tagging, Creating Tags and Group Tags and Advanced Tag Options

Regardless of whether you are using Venio On Demand, or the VenioWeb interface, the following Permissions are used:

Read/Write Permissions: Users can edit, delete, tag, untag, export and view the tags throughout all the VenioOne modules.

Read Only: Users can only view the tags throughout all the VenioOne modules.

No Permission: Users cannot view tags throughout all the VenioOne modules.

How these are set are different for each interface of the VenioOne Platform. For VenioWeb, clients need to contact our team so that we can apply the settings in the backend.  For Venio On Demand, the Client Administrator, or our team, can make the changes.

Here’s how a Client Administrator would be able to make the changes:

  • From the Menu Item in the top right corner, Select “Manage Tag”
  •  Selecting the project from the Select Project drop-down list
  • Clicking the Tag Security tab
  •  Selecting from the Select User Group drop-down list
  • Check\Unchecking the read\write permissions as required for each tag
  • Clicking the Save button