Feature Friday: VenioOne Platform - Tagging

Tagging documents is easy in the VenioOne Platform! Whether you start by viewing dashboards or jump right into viewing documents, tagging options are readily accessible.

In the VenioOne Web Console, available with our managed eDiscovery services, the Project Dashboard allows for bulk tagging and untagging on bar chart segments. Similarly, the Analyze section of the VenioOne OnDemand interface allows for bulk tagging of filtered data.

If using the VenioOne Social Network Diagram, tag options can be found in each component of the feature. Users can tag or untag a set of emails based on their date in the Email Timeline. Tag options are also given when a node is selected in the Social Network Diagram or by selecting a specific email address in associated lists. In case tagging a whole conversation is too broad for the matter, users can tag individual emails once they have drilled into a communication.

Regardless of the type of layout or interface used to view search results, information is displayed to indicate which tags are currently applied to a document. Users have the option to tag or untag individual documents or perform bulk tagging actions on multiple selected documents or the entire set of search results.

Information on tags and tag actions is also available in exportable reports. A tag history report can be generated to view each tag or untag made in a project. This report provides details such as tag name, who performed the action, the date and time of the action, number of documents involved in the tagging action, etc. A report can also be generated to view simple metrics for project tags, such as tag names, number of documents tagged and the file size of the tagged documents.

Although the VenioOne Platform has different interfaces and layouts, tagging options and information is easy to access all throughout the interface!

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