Feature Friday: VenioOne Web Console - Social Network Diagram

Social Network Diagrams can be a valuable tool for eDiscovery matters that involve determining who sent email to whom. A Social Network Diagram, pictured below, has nodes representing email addresses or names and helps to establish relationships between email senders and receivers. Arrows connecting the nodes indicate the direction and frequency of communication between each person. For instance, the diagram seen below uses red to indicate frequent communication, yellow for less frequent and grey for the least frequent communication.

Social Network Diagram

By default, the VenioOne Social Network Diagram displays several networks, summarizing the selected data. Additional panels of information are provided, allowing users to drill down to read the individual emails and attachments involved in a conversation.

Users can tweak the Social Network Diagram to suit their needs by:

  • Selecting an email address or name to display at the centre of the network.
  • Using various zoom and fit options to get the best view of a network.
  • Adjusting how many conversations to display and the communication level to drill into.

The network diagram can be saved as an image. Lists of email addresses/names involved in communications can be exported to CSV. Also, once a user drills into a specific communication branch they can export the results to CSV, which includes information such as Sender, Recipient, Sent Date and Email Subject.

As an added convenience in the VenioOne Platform, users can right click on a network node (email address/name) within the diagram to bulk tag/untag those documents or to quickly jump into viewing that conversation.

The Email Timeline feature, that we previously highlighted, works in conjunction with the Social Network Diagram allowing users to easily see conversations within a project’s data set.

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