VenioOne Web Console: Project Dashboard

We previously shared details on one dashboard that’s available in the VenioOne Web interface. In this post we’ll look at an additional dashboard feature called the Project Dashboard.

This dashboard, made up of ten sections, provides a more in-depth breakdown of the data. The available information, represented in tables or graphs, includes:

  • Project name, created date, media and document counts
  • Email, attachment and duplicates counts
  • Electronic document information
  • Review set breakdown
  • Filtered, exception and processed file breakdowns
  • File Types
  • Detected languages
  • Date ranges
  • Email domains found within the data
  • Tags by document count
An example of the Project Dashboard is seen below.

Filters can be applied to the date timeline to help narrow down the date range displayed in the graph. Most dashboard sections also offer the option to tag, untag or search on graph segments.

Up to ten graph segments are shown for the file type, language, domain and tag count sections. To view more than the topmost segments users can select to view the data in list form. The list can also be exported in CSV format for further review outside of the platform.

This dashboard allows users to easily gain a high-level understanding of the data within a project!

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