Feature Friday: VenioOne Web vs VenioOne OnDemand

To facilitate our eDiscovery services, we host the VenioOne eDiscovery Platform on our servers. The NearZero Discovery team can access those servers and the platform’s administrative console, but client users cannot. When sharing information about our services, we often mention VenioOne Web or VenioOne OnDemand. Both are the client used, web-based interfaces of the VenioOne eDiscovery Platform, but what makes these two options different?

VenioOne Web

The VenioOne Web interface is designed with a focus on viewing case data. Users can run searches, apply tags and view documents in formats such as full text, TIFF, native or near native. Through dashboard and email timeline features, users can see case metrics displayed in graphical format. Various types of reports are also available.

When using this interface, clients provide data to our team through a file transfer protocol (FTP) or similar means that are external to the eDiscovery platform. Our team then loads the data into the case and initiates processing. Once data is processed clients can use the VenioOne Web interface to access and explore the data. When a client is ready to produce data, they notify our team, who prepares and exports the requested documents.

The design of this interface allows clients to use an eDiscovery platform while relying on our team for support. Using this interface with our managed services is a great option for clients who cannot or do not want to handle certain case activities themselves.

VenioOne OnDemand

The VenioOne OnDemand interface gives clients the ability to manage their cases from start to finish. Our team does some initial system configuration, implementing settings suited to the client’s needs, but after that the client is in control.

Like the VenioOne Web interface, users can run searches, apply tags, view documents and generate reports. Users can also access analytical features including an email timeline.

What is unique about this interface is that it allows users to create cases, load data and export productions without depending on our team. We still provide support if needed but clients have the freedom to perform these types of activities whenever they need to.

Since these two interfaces use the same eDiscovery platform on the back end, we can seamlessly transfer clients from one service model to the other if needed. For instance, if an existing managed client decides to take on a more self-service approach, we can simply change how they access the platform. With these interfaces being web based, users can also access their cases wherever they are.

The versatility of the VenioOne Platform allows us to offer eDiscovery services that are suited to the client’s needs and abilities.

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