In last week’s blog, we discussed exporting Microsoft Teams data. This week, we are looking at how we can navigate the data once it is loaded to the VenioOne Platform.

It is important to note that the data was exported as individual chat messages, but not as the entire thread or conversation. Because of this, we followed the approach below.

  1. Select only the Teams Media for a Custodian:
  • Then Sort by the Family Date Time:
  • This should result in the Chats being in the right order:
  • You can then scroll over to look at the EMAIL_FROM (aka the person typing the chat) and the EMAIL_TO (aka the people receiving the chat):
  • Now with this, if you know who you are interested in looking for, you could do a search on the Email To or Email From Fields to help filter.
  • You may also be able to identify the Chat Thread just based on the Members in the To / From Field:

We encourage you to also read about Venio’s native Microsoft Team’s chat feature. Click Here

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