A few blogs ago, we looked at how we locate Teams Chat data and then we presented how we would search for it within the VenioOne Platform.

This week, we want to just recap that the Microsoft Teams Chat Data is stored in the user PST file, and so when you export the entire or a date-ranged set of data for a custodian, the Teams data is also contained within the resulting PST.   This means that you don’t have to run an additional Teams Chat process. Instead, you can start searching right away by looking for the “IPM.SkypeTeams.Message” class of email messages.

So, In the VenioOne interface, you will select the Media that you want to search, and then specify the following String in the Search Field:

Email_Message_Class = “IPM.SkypeTeams.Message”

And then run the search, and you will get all the Teams chat messages and you can start reviewing them right away.

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