It was the beginning of October 2019 when I decided to hand in my two weeks notice at my current job as a daycare teacher. It was a job I had grown in and loved for almost four years. I had even built connections to eventually get into the school board. But taking that path in my life came to a sudden halt when I had a new opportunity offered to me: working in eDiscovery.

To understand the start of this event in October of 2019, we must go back to 2018, when I first met the president of NearZero Discovery, Richard. I was on medical leave and could not lift children or move around easily. That is when I had a contracted position offered to me thanks to a friend’s referral.

I remember my first day so vividly. The staff were kind and taught me what I needed to do. Still, I had no idea what eDiscovery was, let alone the vast technological terms. It was very intimidating to say the least. But as I slowly finished my brief contract helping with a project, I noticed a few things. The staff never stopped learning and helping each other out. There were always webinars, lessons learned, and courses they took to help provide better service to the clients.

Additionally, the staff wanted the best not just for clients but also for each other. There was never any gossip/slander. I was welcomed with open arms and a part of the team even though they knew I was leaving so soon.

So, when I got the call for a job offer with training, I somewhat knew what I was getting into at NearZero. I saw the two paths I could take. I knew the daycare was a relatively safe path, but I also knew that I was almost at the best job I could get as an ECE at age 24. There would be no new opportunities really for me once I reached the school board. I loved the children and what I did, but I also loved learning new things and gaining new opportunities.

I saw at NearZero Discovery so many different paths and opportunities to continue learning and growing. But looking back now at 26, I see how I have not just grown academically but also in my personal life because of my still relatively new career. I have gained so much confidence in myself, my capabilities and over all decision-making. I have truly found my voice thanks to this job.

While there are deadlines and stresses, I never worry about toxic management or co workers. This was another factor that was extremely important to me. I knew that Nearzero was a very healthy establishment. Having worked with poor management in previous jobs, I did not want to take those risks. Good management makes or breaks a workplace.

Handing in my resignation that day in 2019 was not easy. I loved my daycare co-workers and the children, but you must do what is right for you at the end of the day.  It might not be the most comfortable option, but in life, sometimes letting yourself be uncomfortable can be the best decision you can ever make. The initial jumble of technical terms makes sense, and you find yourself contributing more to these conversations. Initially, complex tasks become ones you no longer need guidance. That discomfort that was there one day is just gone the next.

I am now a proud eDiscovery specialist who is also working in marketing and auditing for the company. I am so excited to continue expanding and growing in my career at NearZero Discovery. If you are at a crossroads in your life, I encourage you to analyze both options, even if one gets you out of your comfort zone!