Venio Systems has just released Version 9.0 of the VenioOne Platform and with it a new Legal Hold Feature set.

Venio Legal Hold

A brand-new offering that can be purchased with standalone capability or as part of Venio Cloud and VenioOne. Venio Legal Hold allows legal administrators to create, manage, and issue legal hold notices to custodians with the following legal hold features:

  • Create and manage legal hold
  • Add/Import custodians to hold
  • Manage emails with template system
  • Manage questionnaires with template system
  • Issue hold to custodians with defined notice and questions
  • Accept hold notice updates with custodian portal

You can view the Venio Legal Hold product information using the links below:

Other enhancements to the Venio One Platform include:

  • Locate Similar Documents of Selected Documents
  • Display All Parent / Child Family Relationships of Selected Documents
  • Manage, Organize, and Update Rights
  • Enhancement to organize the rights in the role and user group, create / edit page for better visibility and assignment
  • Ability to update default rights for user roles and user groups
  • Manage, Edit, and Delete Tags
  • Ability to edit or delete tags from the analyze and review page.

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