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As an eDiscovery specialist, Britt-Lynn performs data analysis and aids with the preparation of documents for production. She also assists with maintaining our eDiscovery process documentation.

Q. How has working at an eDiscovery company benefited you?

“I have learned and grown in so many different aspects in my work and personal life thanks to working in the eDiscovery field. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and have very supportive coworkers who encourage me to achieve my goals and more!”

Q. How did working from home change your workflow?

“It changed my workflow by having to figure out different ways of communicating and working together with various projects. In an office space, you can just walk to the individual’s desk. Whereas online only, sometimes you have to wait a little longer for them to become available.”

Q. What has been your biggest challenge during the pandemic?

“My biggest challenge would have to have been not isolating myself. It is so easy just to stay in one spot all day working then just go to bed right after. We still need that time to call a friend and stay in our regular routine.”

Q. How have you been staying active during COVID-19?

“During the pandemic I have done a lot of walking and cycling. One of my co-workers and I have an apple watch and we encourage one another in reaching our weekly goals on them!”

Q. What do you do for fun outside of work?

“Outside of work I go for 10km walks, biking, spending time with friends and family. I also play the harp so with that I practice quite a bit and play at weddings quite a bit throughout the year!

Q. What are you excited about for the rest of 2021?

“I am excited to take a couple of road trips with my family! I just got a new SUV, and it will be fun to take a trip with it.”

Q. What is your favorite part about working at NearZero Discovery?

“The amazing team I work with and the never-ending encouragement to improve myself. I have never worked in such a healthy work environment, and I am so glad to be a part of the NearZero Discovery team.”