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The main tool in Google Suite for administrators and legal personnel is Vault.

 Vault’s eDiscovery features can be used to search and export your organization’s Google Workspace data. For Vault to search and retain a user’s data, users must have a Google Workspace license and a Vault license. A Vault license comes with the following subscriptions or can be added to them:

After ensuring you have Google Vault on in your organizations, (you can find it under apps in the Admin Centre ) you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google Workspace username and password.

 3. Click on Matters. Create a matter or add your search under existing matter:

4. Start a Search, choose the service.

 5. Choose Source and Entity (all user or specific accounts), date range, terms.

When your Search is ready, you can start exporting the data, also there is an interesting option to expand the search:

 7. At the end, you can download the exported data:

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