Reveal Review uses AI capabilities to provide labels for object detection and image classification. It is able to label objects identified in each image. Supported file types are JPG and PNG. Reveal’s image labeling functionality will also attempt to convert the following file types into JPG or PNG format and label: .JPEG, .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG.  

Having a metadata extension field identifying “.JPG” in a third-party load file may not assure that there is an associated native file is of that type, particularly in an all-image production. 

Images are classified into an Image Labels field, and each label is assigned weighted confidence in a series of Image Labels Over nn fields and Image Labels Under nn fields that allow the confidence of a label classification to be queried and assessed. Where image labels exist, they are displayed at the bottom of the coding pane of the document review screen with a summary confidence score. 

How to Label 

In the Project Review Grid toolbar, click the Label tool. You will either select all of the currently retrieved Documents or manually select documents. 

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You will then have to decide whether to overwrite existing labels or leave them as is. Replacing previously processed and applied labels is generally not recommended as duplicative. Overwriting an image label should supply the same values at the same confidence level for the subject image. Next, a job name should be applied to track the progression and results. You can view the results by selecting Jobs on the Jobs on the Navigation Panel. 


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You would then select Image Label to view the status of the image labelling job.

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