With the recent announcement by IBM on investing in their “long-term roadmap”, IBM Notes/Domino products continue to be a collaborative platform for companies and organizations to leverage. For that reason, REW Computing provides application development, and administrative support services. We can be of use to clients with a desire to continue using their existing IBM Notes/Domino investments.

Our recent IBM Notes/Domino application development projects include...

eDiscovery Focused Development

Custom eDiscovery focused development for data identification, collection and preservation from the client’s IBM Notes/Domino application. We have two primary interfaces that we developed and support:

Legal Hold Evidence Management (LHEM) for IBM Notes/Domino

An application used to selectively collect documents from specified users mail files. Using various search criteria, collected documents may include email, tasks and calendar entries. Another repository can hold the copied or moved documents for long term storage. There are many applicable scenarios that the application can meet that include:

  • Legal Hold
  • Email collection for use in other compliance activities. The email collected acts as evidence of the reported or audited activities.
  • Collection of email for corporate auditing of record declaration. This is done as per the Corporate Records Retention Schedule

eSeek for Domino

A tool set that can be modified to allow for the proper export of data to its appropriate components. (Check out the write up on our eDiscovery Services page.)

Application Maintenance

We have worked with manufacturing facilities to apply changes to applications that track change requests, and product performance over the past few years. Therefore, allowing us to understand their business needs and requirements. These systems alone are mission-critical to our clients. Due to an over-arching email migration project their IBM Notes/Domino infrastructure was in transition. So, we provided support, as necessary, to address any data related issues encountered.

Data Migration

Data migration from an existing IBM Notes application to another Microsoft .NET application. Since we had provided support and implemented many enhancements in previous years, we have helped develop the needed process and supporting automation (agents) to complete export of the required data elements. Key items in this engagement, in addition to the creation of the agents, included:

  • Database schema development.
  • Validation of export on sample data set.
  • Performed final export. As well as validation activities ensuring the successful export of all production data.

Custom Application Development

The development of a custom application for a landscaping architectural company. They had won a large contract and therefore required tracking for materials they were replacing for their client. Within this application we received data via Email and then:

  • Parsed out required information from the attached photographs (Geo-Tagging)
  • Updated inventory type records in the system based on the completed activity
  • Generated daily, weekly, and adhoc reports
  • Tracked and generated invoicing details for submission to the end client
  • Developed a Web based front end (dashboard) that integrated various data elements. This included received photographs, and GPS coordinate data with Google Map integration
Home page of a custom IBM Notes application. Displaying a menu across the top and a screen verifying login.For support REW Computing offers IBM Lotus Notes support services, as well as eDiscovery and project management services for Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.
An order from from one of our custom IBM Notes applications, showing the order status and details, as well as a location map. For support REW Computing offers IBM Lotus Notes support services, as well as eDiscovery and project management services for Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.

Interested in seeing this application in action? Wondering how your specific “material” replacement program could use this?

Let us know and we can arrange a demo, since we have this available as a Software-as-a-Service model.

From an administrative support perspective, we have worked with our clients to...

  1. Perform client and server based upgrades, also automated and manual roll-outs
  2. Domino server based feature deployments
  3. Troubleshooting as well as issue resolution
  4. Domino server performance and optimization assessments

Our in-depth knowledge and experience with IBM Notes/Domino makes us a great partner. We can leverage that expertise to address and meet other eDiscovery related needs.

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