Four computer screens displaying screens of information with the phrase "Regardless of the source... it's just data!" written around them. REW Computing offers eDiscovery support for Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.

Now that may seem presumptuous on our part, to call a client’s corporate assets “just data”. Especially when clients are so attached to the intellectual property it contains, and the reasons for why they are having to access and provide all of it. But, to the technology and the services that we provide, it is just that…data! A collection of bits (1’s and 0’s) arranged in a particular fashion. Identifying itself as a file, with a specific file type, and specific content.

Data has many metadata properties, including some specific to the file type or format. Technologies all leverage this metadata allowing for the services that we offer to exist. Whether for Early Case Assessment, or detailed Review, these tools leverage metadata properties to find what you are looking for. It is the repetition and refinement of what you are looking for, that ultimately will give you a final result set that will allow you to trust the data.

As we have outlined in our FAST & SECURE© approach, you need to be able to Find, Assess, Share, and Trust the data through a Specifically Engineered process for Client-focused Usability, Reliability and Enforcement.

So, when looking at data, and considering options on finding that “needle in the haystack”, keep in mind your process. It is going to have to be one of iteration, and refinements along the way. Leveraging the tools (AI, TAR, Predictive Coding, etc.), although becoming more acceptable in today’s world, it is your responsibility to ensure that the process will stand the test.
Make sure to appropriately develop your process, with:

  • An understanding of the data involved.
    • Have you completed an ECA on the data?
    • Do you know what you have?
  • Usability of the data and the tools.
    • Do you have an understanding of the tools’ capabilities, features and limitations?
  • Reliability, Defensibility, and Transparency in mind.
    • Do you have documentation to support your decisions? Such as logs, reports, etc.?

Following our approach and working with our clients, and their legal counsel where necessary, we help to identify their specific needs. And bring clarity to the process that should be considered for the identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review and production of relevant data.