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The REW Computing team attended this year’s LegalTech in Manhattan. This was a great opportunity to learn about the latest advances in our industry and to find opportunities to utilize in our eDiscovery, Project Management and Legal support services.


Speed and Automation in eDiscovery

Speed and automation were the standouts from LegalTech 2017. Many of the software exhibits and conference speeches emphasized the importance of speed in processing data. Furthermore, they showed that automated workflows are essential in today’s landscape. This is a landscape that includes ever expanding quantities of data.

This emphasis on speed and automation was prevalent when looking at tools for eDiscovery. Many of the vendors stressed the importance of fast and efficient frameworks. Their software showcased the relative ease data could be ingested, processed and analysed. They all offered a high degree of automation. Throughout LegalTech we saw an emphasis on doing away with manual tasks to make otherwise time-consuming tasks easier. We also saw products such as Ross Intelligence; a remarkable solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to process and research millions of case-law in a manner of minutes.

In addition, the keynote speaker and several of the other sessions also focused on the latest advancements related to robotics and automation in the legal field. In many futuristic movies Artificial Intelligence is often greeted with fear and anxiety. Art imitated life at LegalTech 2017 as sessions included questions such as “what would happen when the machines make mistakes,” or the classic, “lawyers will eventually get replaced by these robots.” As one of the keynote speakers rightly pointed out these advanced systems are already being used in fields like Medicine where there are even greater risks and liabilities when mistakes are made.


Lessons Learned

Although there were skeptics, the message was clear; you risk being left behind if you do not get onboard. Most of all, in dealing with advanced technology, it is best to work with and utilize their significant capabilities to better serve clients. The team left with a sense of urgency. We need to utilize the tools necessary to ride this wave. If we bury our heads in the sand; we risk being swept away. Consequently, this will be our guiding strategy going forward in 2017. Without doubt this strategy will benefit our clientele.

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