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As we prepare for the iTech Spring 2021 Virtual Conference on Tuesday May 18, 2021, and as we look back to our participation over the past 3 years, we wanted to highlight a couple of themes that we have continued to share in our presentations and continue to see being required in projects that we are actively supporting.

Data Universe and Technology

From Computers, Servers, Tablets and Smart phones, to Applications, Databases, Document Management Systems, Email, and other Cloud-based service providers… Data is Everywhere! And it continues to grow at exponential rates. How people use data is continuously changing and what may work for one version of an application, may not work for another version of the same application.  It is in this ever-changing world that we need to ensure that the tools and technologies that we use are appropriate for what is needed for it to be delivered. 

The Team

Call it a Litigation Response Team; call it your eDiscovery Team; call it your A-Team… you are not alone in working through these eDiscovery projects! 

Together, you will deal with the data as it moves through all the phases of the EDRM to meet the goals and objectives of responding to your litigations and investigations.  There is a need to ensure that everyone is on the same page, especially when you consider the ever-changing technology. Build Bridges between your team members ensuring that people understand the language, terms, acronyms, processes, procedures, timings, etc.… and to keep moving forward together.

Data Privacy / Ownership and More

There are many different Privacy Regulations out there and many more that are currently being developed. From Local State/Province, Country, or Region – there are many options to consider and although we may not be experts in each one, we need to understand what Privacy means and how it can impact our processes and procedures as we work with eDiscovery projects.  Data Ownership, in addition to Privacy, is another consideration. Especially as you think of Cloud-based service providers and the ease of access to the data that may be required for your litigation or investigation.

Documentation, Processes and Procedures

As we learn from our team members, everyone has different ways of doing things. Most are based on best practices, and others on practicality. It is here that we want to encourage everyone to keep an eye on the documentation that you create for a litigation or investigation.  The processes and procedures that you follow or must create for addressing new data types or challenges encountered need to be Auditable, Defensible, Reproduceable, Clear, and Concise.  The project management / tracking documentation that you create needs to accurately reflect the steps or deliverables that you are trying to measure.   Yes, in the end everyone wants to make sure that all the data was gathered, processed, and reviewed, and the relevant documents were successfully exported and provided.  But as you think of that last statement, ask yourself, “What does it take to make that happen? What are the steps, and how do you track the status of each of them? And then ask yourself if you are doing that now?”

In Closing, here is the list of presentation that we have done at the iTech events over the past 3 years. Same topics, but updated and revised. We also have provided our videos links so that you can watch them.

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