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Getting into the Details: Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the mail platform of choice for a number of corporations, with many planning their migrations to Office 365 which uses Exchange as the core of its email functionality.
(Read more about Exchange here.)

Not all versions of Exchange are alike, and they don’t all have the same tools to export data. In fact in some cases the meaning of certain discovery focused terms change from version to version. We thought we would quickly put together this short list of Microsoft links for how to export email data from Exchange.

Many of the eDiscovery enterprise class software packages now allow for direct connectivity to Exchange/Office 365 to identify, preserve, and collect the relevant mailboxes, or the appropriate content. But in the end sometimes you just need to provide the entire mail box to legal counsel, or to eDiscovery vendors.

Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003: Exporting mailboxes to PST’s using ExMerge. (Download ExMerge from the Microsoft Download Center.)

Microsoft Exchange 2007: How to export mailbox data.

Microsoft Exchange 2010: Creating a Mailbox Export Request and configuring Mailbox Export Request Properties.

Microsoft Exchange 2013: In-Place eDiscovery in Exchange 2013.

Microsoft Exchange 2016: In-Place eDiscovery in Exchange 2016.

Office 365: eDiscovery in Office 365.

NearZero Discovery provides services to support the collection of this data. Should you have any questions on how to complete the collection process, please feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to work with you.