Our Clients have been actively using the VenioOne Platform for a number of different project types… In this blog we will look at how specific VenioOne features can help assist in those.

eDiscovery Projects

This is the default project type that our clients use all the features for – VenioOne is that full end to end platform where all features help them to perform Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis, and Productions.  Everything that EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) outlines.

With the continued updates to Venio’s On-Demand Self-Service Module, users can take more and more control of their projects, reducing their reliance on a vendors team members and the overall time to production.  Note: for our clients we do make ourselves available for any help that they may need.

Internal Corporate Investigations

Whether it is a whistle blower type investigation, an internal audit; compliance issue, or a Human Resources investigation; we are seeing an increase in the use of eDiscovery platforms to help locate potentially relevant data. Although these types may not have a litigation focus, they do require the same evidentiary and review type activities to come to a conclusion regarding the issues under investigation.  Key features that our clients have used to support these types of investigations beyond searching, include the use of Email Threading, Inclusive Email, Generation of Missing Email; Clustering and Social Network Interfaces.

The Clustering and Social Network interfaces present another way of looking at the data and working through a review of the documents.

Request for Information (RFIs), Freedom of Information Access Requests (FOIAs), Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and more…

Whether it is a public corporation, a government entity (municipal, state, province, federal) or a privately held corporation… the need to answer these types of requests (RFI, FOIA, or DSAR) requires them to be able to gather all the potentially relevant data, and then perform a review and then produce the information in a format that the requestor can use.  eDiscovery platforms with their search and review features are the perfect solution to help address these needs. When considering these requests, the ability to Redact content and have it properly produced is very important. Check out the end of this video for more on the Redactions capabilities within the Venio On-Demand Interface.

In Conclusion

There are more project types out there that can leverage the features of the VenioOne Platform or any other eDiscovery platform.  All you need is a project that requires you to gather data from many different sources (like E-mail, Network Data, Local Computer/Laptop Data, Mobile Data, etc.), be able to search it to find potentially related data, review it to confirm that it is truly related and then produce it so that the results can be provided to the requesting party, legal counsel, and/or internal company management.

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