Normally, the redaction features have been available on the Image / TIFF Tab within the VenioOne Interfaces. But now in VenioOne Version 8, you can redact the spreadsheet right in its native view.

Clicking the Redaction Icon, now give you access to placing Redactions, Highlighting and Deleting Redactions/Highlights.

Navigate to the Cell(s) that you want to Redact or Highlight. Select them, and click the appropriate action:

And the cells are redacted:

Keep repeating these steps for the Spreadsheet and Worksheets that you want to redact / highlight.

Do not forget to Save your Redactions.

You will be prompted if the Changes were saved successfully:

The next time you open the Spreadsheet, you will see the redactions / highlights applied. If you want to see the document in its original state, you can select the Hide Annotations Button. The Spreadsheet will then be displayed without the redactions/highlights.

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