Announcing US-based eDiscovery hosting!
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We are pleased to announce the launch of a newly secured, US-based server to host the VenioOne eDiscovery Platform. This enhancement gives US-based clients access to our fully managed and OnDemand eDiscovery services, while electronically stored information (ESI) remains solely within the United States. Significant cost savings are also available to our US clients through USD/CAD currency exchange rates. From loading data, through processing, document review and production, US-based clients are fully supported by our ACEDS certified, Canadian based team.

Whether it is a new matter that you need help with, or if you would like to understand how we can help reduce your existing eDiscovery hosting fees, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to answer your inquiries and help with your eDiscovery needs!

NearZero Discovery Enhances Services for US-Based Clients

Toronto, ON., June 29, 2020

NearZero Discovery is proud to announce their deployment of Venio Systems’ VenioOne Platform in a United States co-located data centre. This will allow their US-based clients to maintain their data within the United States.

“Over the past year, our US-based clients have asked to have a US-based instance to ensure that their data was stored and secured in the United States. Today, I am excited to launch our services in a Microsoft Azure Data Centre located in the eastern United States,” says Richard Wessel, President and Lead Consultant of NearZero Discovery.

Bimal Tamrakar, President of Venio Systems added, “We are excited to continue working with the NearZero Discovery team and see their continued growth, acceptance, and standardized use of the VenioOne Platform to provide the specific solutions that their clients need.”.

As with NearZero Discovery’s Canadian clients, US-based clients will have the option of using the VenioOne OnDemand self-service interface or engaging in a managed eDiscovery service offering. Managed services make use of the VenioOne Web interface which offers features such as CAL (Continuous Active Learning), TAR (Technology Assisted Review), as well as a more formal batched review process. The benefit of VenioOne being a unified platform is that clients may easily switch between the two, if needed, because VenioOne uses a single database.

NearZero Discovery continues to provide support through self-service and fully managed eDiscovery services to their Canadian clients. In addition to the new US-based services, NearZero Discovery will maintain their current Canadian co-located data offering.

About Venio Systems
Venio Systems is a team of innovators and developers with over 40 years of experience providing eDiscovery solutions with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use while being scalable. Venio Systems was created to address the industry’s lack of a complete eDiscovery solution that powers every phase of eDiscovery. VenioOne, a unified eDiscovery platform, is designed to provide law firms, corporations, service providers, and government entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery—processing, ECA, culling, document review, and production—from a single tool. Venio Systems remains at the forefront of innovation by providing modern solutions any litigator, investigator, and eDiscovery professional can easily use. For more information and a demo, visit

About NearZero Discovery
NearZero Discovery is a registered trade name of REW Computing Inc., a Canadian, privately held corporation that has been providing eDiscovery support services since 2007 to corporations and clients in the legal services industry. NearZero Discovery provides both self-service and fully managed eDiscovery services. NearZero Discovery’s services support all phase of discovery, including forensic and non-forensic collection and document review services as well as project management and consulting. For more information, please call +1.289.803.9730, email [email protected] or visit