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TORONTO, CANADA. January 31, 2020. Richard Wessel, President and Lead Consultant at NearZero Discovery, a registered tradename of REW Computing Inc., and Lloyd Wilks, Managing Director of CounselQuest Inc., a provider of eDiscovery Document Review Services announced today a formal partnership agreement to provide the preferred one-stop-shop for end to end eDiscovery services in Canada, across the EDRM (from data identification and collection, to review). Both corporations are privately held Canadian companies independently experiencing robust growth in the Canadian eDiscovery market. “While we continue to see new opportunities for our services the appetite for complementary Document Review services is an emerging trend coming from both existing and prospective clients, it makes sense that we respond with expanding our existing services, by partnering with CounselQuest Inc.,” shared Richard Wessel. “With increasing market consolidation, being one of the only true Canadian eDiscovery providers, it was logical for us to now work with NearZero in partnering to deliver complementary eDiscovery Services,” commented, Lloyd Wilks. This is the natural evolution for both companies in an increasingly competitive legal services landscape. With the progress of AI, Machine learning, etc., joining two of the best in class legal services eDiscovery professionals was a natural evolution.

NearZero Discovery has been providing eDiscovery consulting and services since 2007 and has been focused on the left side of the EDRM, from information governance support, litigation readiness, data identification, forensic collections, data processing and hosting services, while CounselQuest Inc., has been a leading Canadian provider of Document Review services to law firms and corporations. In 2019 CounselQuest Inc., was the recipient of Canadian Lawyer Reader’s Choice award for Legal Process Outsourcing and Litigation Support & eDiscovery Consultants, and NearZero Discovery was awarded the Venio Ambassador award. Together both companies will now promote a go to market strategy, offering a complete suite of eDiscovery services, allowing existing customers to utilize NearZero’s chosen platforms, like Venio Systems’ VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform while accessing the document review expertise offered by CounselQuest across a variety of technology platforms.

Together, NearZero Discovery and CounselQuest will remain agile and experienced in utilizing the industries discovery solutions to meet our clients needs.

For additional information contact NearZero Discovery at [email protected] and CounselQuest at [email protected].