VenioOne OnDemand and NearZero Discovery
In: Discovery, General, REW

Richard Wessel says, “We looked at how we could better serve our clients and found that VenioOne OnDemand significantly enhanced our existing managed service offering. VenioOne OnDemand actively extends the platform to give clients the control and convenience that so many within the legal profession have been seeking. In talking with our clients and prospects, it was becoming clear that some are looking to bring the technologies in-house so we approached Venio Systems about becoming a reseller. We are excited to share our experiences with new prospects about how the VenioOne Platform can bring a defensible and transparent workflow to their eDiscovery needs.”

Read the full press release here.

Note: As of June 2023, NearZero Discovery is no longer using Venio as an e-Discovery platform. Click Here to find out more.